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Scott Brown: Man, Model, Massachusetts State Senator?!

Scott Brown won big in Mass. Special Election yesterday

Yesterday, Republican Scott Brown won the special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. Brown beat out Democrat Martha Coakley, who ran a sloppy and slanderous campaign.

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard that Scott Brown was featured in a 1982 issue of Cosmo, and I’m sure most of you have seen the ever-so-flattering pictures of Brown laying on a couch covering his ‘package’ with only his hand. While these pictures are entertaining, I have to wonder, where was the controversy?

I can’t help but think, if Martha Coakley had posed nude in let’s say, Sports Illustrated, that the media would have been on her like white on rice. Scott Brown poses nude in Cosmo, and nothing? Really? I mean sure, we’ve heard from a few outspoken comedians, such as Jon Stewart,  who poked fun at the pictures of Brown. News stations have mentioned that he was a model in passing, but no one reported that these photos might hurt Brown’s chances.

In fact, according to some, Brown’s scandalous photos might have actually helped him. Sally Quinn, a writer for the Washington Post and left-wing advocate, told Fox News that many women voted for Brown because he posed semi-nude and because he’s a “hunk”.

Other’s disagree with Sally Quinn and say that the reason Brown won was because he was the ‘change’ America needed to send a wake-up call to Democrats, who were vigorously pushing a plan to reform healthcare. According to the Huffington Post, the people have been heard and Democrats are deciding what to do to regain the support of the American people.

2010 certainly has been filled with surprises and I am interested in what lies ahead in the coming months in terms of healthcare, Washington, and the Obama administration. As for Scott Brown? Well he better get started on this list of demands issued by Cosmo after his big win.

Photo (cc) by Dexta32084 and published here under a Creative Commons liscense. Some rights reserved.


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