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John May(you stop saying offensive comments and just sing)er

Alright, alright–I know, it’s been entirely too long since I last updated. What can I say, except that I’m terribly sorry for not being more on top of this whole blogging thing. I’ll be better! I swear!

Anyway, down to business. 2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing John Mayer in concert. Screaming girls filled the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston Mass. on February 24 to watch the young musician perform.

As most of us know, John Mayer has not been short of controversy lately, making waves all over the nation with his tell all interview in Playboy magazine a few weeks ago.

For those of you who haven’t read it, Mayer admits that his relationship with actress Jennifer Aniston was “pretty intense” and that he did in fact love her.

However, pop sensation Jessica Simpson wasn’t so lucky. Mayer goes into heavy detail about his relationship with Simpson. He confesses he was never in love with her, but describes her as “sexual napalm”. Mayer explained “That girl, for me, is a drug. And drugs aren’t good for you if you do lots of them. Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me… Sexually it was crazy.”

Believe it or not, these gems are the high points of the interview. He later makes racial comments and goes on to describe his genital area as a “white supremacist”.

Though these comments are obviously offensive, it doesn’t change the fact that he is an extremely talented and popular¬† musician. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem that his comments have hurt him among his fans, as he continues to sell out large venues across the United States for his Battle Studies tour.


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Ab……Not So Original

It’s pretty safe to say that you can’t have an event like the Olympics without a little controversy. With such a group of diverse people, you never know what is going to happen.

On Sunday, the Russian Ice Dancing Duo, Dominia and Shalbalin turned heads with their cultural interpretation of an Aboriginal Dance. The pair wore red loin cloths, leaves planted all over their bodies, and dark-skinned body suits with tribal war paint on them and everyone took notice. Many Australians were offended, especially those who work and advocate for the rights of Aboriginal peoples.

According to NBC, Austrailian natives deemed the performance as “inaccurate, inauthentic, and insensitive.”

Their coach, Natalia Linichuk, responded to public outcry by saying, “Aboriginal, it translates from Latin language, it’s from the beginning. We try to represent a picture of this time when Aboriginal people start being in the world. It’s no customs, no country, nothing.” Linichuk also explained¬† that the dance moves and costumes were not meant to be offensive.

So what does everyone else think? Offensive or not offensive? Yay or Nay? It is also worth mentioning that the Russians took home the Bronze Medal in ice dancing, just one day after their offensive routine was aired.

Photo (cc) by paddynapper and published here under a Creative Commons liscense. Some rights reserved.

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Death of the “Pink Sheep”

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the death (probably sucicide) of, fashion designer and self proclaimed “pink sheep” of his family, Alexander McQueen. But many of us are wondering what actually happened.

There is much speculation floating around the interweb concering sucicide and some reports even go so far as to say he hung himself in his London apartment (though these accusations are still yet to be confirmed).

We know that McQueen was suffering from some emotional problems after his mother passed on February 2. McQueen was still dealing with the suicide of a close friend and mentor, Isabella Blow, who took her life after she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2007.

We also know through his now deleted Twitter account that he was questioning life and that his new line would encompass “prolific deamons”, a very dark subject matter.

McQueen was thought to be a creative genius, pushing the fashion envelope to new realms of possibility. In studies of genius, it may be important to note that such brilliant minds often suffer from a mental illness and his mother’s death may have sent McQueen over the edge.

We will never know the exact reason why such a talented and acclaimed person had to die at such a young age. Alexander McQueen, you and your designs were loved throughout the world and you will truly be missed. Rest in peace.

Photo (cc) by Damien Cugley and published here under a Creative Commons liscense. Some rights reserved.

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And The Winner Is….Taylor Swift?!

Last night was the 52nd Annual showing of the Grammy’s. Now, normally I’m not too apt to watch these award shows or comment on them, but I have to talk about the holy grail of the Grammy awards; Album of the Year.

Who was up for this award? The Dave Matthews Band (Big Whiskey and the Groo-Grux King), Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster), Beyonce (I am….Sasha Fierce), The Black-Eyed Peas (The E.N.D.), and Taylor Swift (Fearless).

Now, many of these artists have been on scene for years (DMB, The Peas, Beyonce) and some of them are new (Gaga and Swift) and don’t get me wrong just because you’re new doesn’t mean you don’t deserve album of the year. It’s purely about the quality of music, however I can’t get behind the Grammy’s decision to shaft Lady Gaga or Dave Matthews.¬† Their choice, Taylor Swift, just doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Did she make a good album? Yes. Do I own it? Yes. But let’s get real for a second, musically her album doesn’t match up to Gaga or Matthews. She plays the same four chords in nearly every song, changing her strumming or the placement of her capo to make it sound different, which is great. I just feel like an album that is as complex as Big Whiskey and the Groo-Grux King deserves a little recognition (not to mention that Dave Matthews has been shafted at the grammy 13 times before this).

Anyway, congrats to last nights winners. Maybe next year will be better for both nominations and awards, but I’m not placing bets on it.

Photo (cc) by Bounce!!! and published here under a Creative Commons liscense. Some rights reserved.

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