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Another Famous Garfield

First there was Garfield the cat, then there was President Garfield, now there’s Steve Garfield, a well know video blogger who runs his own website and freelances for other sites. He is also the author of the new book Get Seen, a comprehensive “how-to” guide that gives you all the skills you need to create and share videos and media on the web.

Garfield began blogging in 1997, but it was not until 2004 when he started to Vlog (believe it or not Garfield came before YouTube, folks! Impressive!).

Now, with the creation of new media and phone video devices, Garfield is vlogging more than ever before.

“I can click a button and send a video to YouTube.” said an excited Garfield “We now have the ability to both record and share with a device from your pocket!”

So how can us common citizen-journalist folk make the moolah out of this? Well, Garfield suggests getting a job that pays you the green, and blogging on the side. Garfield himself started out as a computer distributor and now he is a highly regarded blogger. Garfield also makes it a point to not to count things out “because they are free.” Of course, not everyone is going to be as successful as Steve Garfield in the blog world, but there’s no harm in trying…right?


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Build It And They Will Come…

Jennifer Paluzzi worked as a newspaper reporter for The MetroWest Daily News. She was the reporter that excelled at “impossible” stories. The one co-workers looked to for direction when there wasn’t one.

Then one day everything changed. In October of 2008, Paluzzi was laid off from her coveted reporting job, handed a severance package, and told that her career as a journalist was basically over.

“Everyone expected me to go into PR” said Paluzzi, “But I had a Plan B.”

9 months before Paluzzi was laid off, she started a WordPress site called “Greater Grafton.” A blog dedicated to what was going on in her hometown.

When Paluzzi told her friends and neighbors about the loss of her job, they weren’t sorry. They said “great, now you have more time to dedicate to us.” Which is exactly what she did.

Paluzzi spent much of her time editing and writing for her blog. A few months later she would meet a business partner and her blog would expand to become

She once made a joke about “exhausting her digital camera” and the grateful citizens of Grafton pulled together and sent her a gift card to buy a new one. Which just shows how much of an effect she has had on this area.

Paluzzi now runs several sites, under the domain name, for different towns in Mass. including Milbury and Northbridge. These small sites are town oriented and allow parents and citizens to know what is going on within their neighborhoods and school systems. is the fastest growing media business right now and is currently the only business in Mass. hiring reporters.

Glad that she didn’t go into public relations, Paluzzi is having a lot of fun with her work and she’s interested in seeing how it will expand in the future.

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What makes you curious?

Stephanie Miller, director of digital media for CBS Boston Television spoke to my journalism class on Wednesday. She spoke a lot about the evolution of the news and getting the viewer engaged with their product.

Miller discussed how important it is in this day and age to get the readers, viewers, etc. involved with the news. The way CBS Boston does this is through a program called “Declare Your Curiosity.” This program asks people to declare what makes them curious, therefore challenging the news channel to get the scoop on what makes their viewers tick.

Miller made it a point to explain that the news is not as it used to be. People no longer want news fed to them, they want to have a part in creating it. They want to see that the stations they’re watching care about what they care about. “We’re listening to you” said Miller, ” and when you want to talk we’re going to talk back.”

WBZ uses many different outlets to allow their viewers to talk to them. They have a twitter page, a blog, and even an Iphone application describing their purpose. All of these things allow people to communicate with them.

It seems, that the only way to really keep someone interested in your product is to keep people engaged in your product at all times through different means. It’s strange to think that a few years ago these social media outlets did not exist, therefore making it impossible to keep people engaged 24/7.

So, WBZ wants to know what really gets you going. What makes you excited or crazy. So what are you waiting for? Declare your curiosity!

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