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Death of the “Pink Sheep”

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the death (probably sucicide) of, fashion designer and self proclaimed “pink sheep” of his family, Alexander McQueen. But many of us are wondering what actually happened.

There is much speculation floating around the interweb concering sucicide and some reports even go so far as to say he hung himself in his London apartment (though these accusations are still yet to be confirmed).

We know that McQueen was suffering from some emotional problems after his mother passed on February 2. McQueen was still dealing with the suicide of a close friend and mentor, Isabella Blow, who took her life after she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2007.

We also know through his now deleted Twitter account that he was questioning life and that his new line would encompass “prolific deamons”, a very dark subject matter.

McQueen was thought to be a creative genius, pushing the fashion envelope to new realms of possibility. In studies of genius, it may be important to note that such brilliant minds often suffer from a mental illness and his mother’s death may have sent McQueen over the edge.

We will never know the exact reason why such a talented and acclaimed person had to die at such a young age. Alexander McQueen, you and your designs were loved throughout the world and you will truly be missed. Rest in peace.

Photo (cc) by Damien Cugley and published here under a Creative Commons liscense. Some rights reserved.


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