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A Platform of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’

It has been a week since Scott Brown beat out Martha Coakley in the Senate Special election. Though, Brown won fair and square, there are some mixed emotions and many opinions flying around Boston on Brown, health care, and what this means for the country.

A Boston blogger who writes under the name Brian for The Sport of Boston Politics wrote that Coakley’s loss reminded him of John Kerry’s defeat against George Bush in 2004. He wrote:

It was easy to be upset after Martha Coakley lost the special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy. It reminds me of how I felt when John Kerry lost to George W. Bush in 2004. Not being a very skilled politician and speaker, Martha Coakley didn’t inspire or give reassurance to be hopefully. Her concession speech was bland.

A little over a year ago, Barack Obama beat John McCain in the presidential election. Obama ran on a platform of hope and most importantly change. John Kinsellagh a blogger for the Beacon Street Journal pointed out that Brown took a page from Obama’s handbook and ran under similar themes:

Through his insurgent candidacy, Brown rode the crest of what was initially a wave, that quickly became a national tsunami of disenchantment and disillusionment with the hard-left regal asbsolutism with which Congressional Democrats and President Obama have governed over the past year. As the Coakley campaign floundered and Brown started to surge, he became the vehicle of a national protest against the excesses of one-party rule personified in the crafting of a corrupt trillion dollar behemoth health care bill that the electorate fervently opposed. Brown took on the role of the outsider, the everyman against the condescending elitism of Obama and his radical left-wing congressional cohorts.

Health care is an extremely sensitive topic, not only among Democrats, but also Republicans and Independents. Joel Patterson, a blogger from the Blue Mass. Group, finds it hard to swallow that this healthcare bill, that has been talked about for the past year, is not supported by Brown.

It’s tough to say whether or not Brown will live up to his platform of change and we’re not sure Obama will either. However, it’s safe to say that Boston and the United States are looking to the future anxiously awaiting a different outcome.

Photo (cc) by David Reece and published here under a Creative Commons liscense. Some rights reserved.


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