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And The Winner Is….Taylor Swift?!

Last night was the 52nd Annual showing of the Grammy’s. Now, normally I’m not too apt to watch these award shows or comment on them, but I have to talk about the holy grail of the Grammy awards; Album of the Year.

Who was up for this award? The Dave Matthews Band (Big Whiskey and the Groo-Grux King), Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster), Beyonce (I am….Sasha Fierce), The Black-Eyed Peas (The E.N.D.), and Taylor Swift (Fearless).

Now, many of these artists have been on scene for years (DMB, The Peas, Beyonce) and some of them are new (Gaga and Swift) and don’t get me wrong just because you’re new doesn’t mean you don’t deserve album of the year. It’s purely about the quality of music, however I can’t get behind the Grammy’s decision to shaft Lady Gaga or Dave Matthews.  Their choice, Taylor Swift, just doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Did she make a good album? Yes. Do I own it? Yes. But let’s get real for a second, musically her album doesn’t match up to Gaga or Matthews. She plays the same four chords in nearly every song, changing her strumming or the placement of her capo to make it sound different, which is great. I just feel like an album that is as complex as Big Whiskey and the Groo-Grux King deserves a little recognition (not to mention that Dave Matthews has been shafted at the grammy 13 times before this).

Anyway, congrats to last nights winners. Maybe next year will be better for both nominations and awards, but I’m not placing bets on it.

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