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What makes you curious?

Stephanie Miller, director of digital media for CBS Boston Television spoke to my journalism class on Wednesday. She spoke a lot about the evolution of the news and getting the viewer engaged with their product.

Miller discussed how important it is in this day and age to get the readers, viewers, etc. involved with the news. The way CBS Boston does this is through a program called “Declare Your Curiosity.” This program asks people to declare what makes them curious, therefore challenging the news channel to get the scoop on what makes their viewers tick.

Miller made it a point to explain that the news is not as it used to be. People no longer want news fed to them, they want to have a part in creating it. They want to see that the stations they’re watching care about what they care about. “We’re listening to you” said Miller, ” and when you want to talk we’re going to talk back.”

WBZ uses many different outlets to allow their viewers to talk to them. They have a twitter page, a blog, and even an Iphone application describing their purpose. All of these things allow people to communicate with them.

It seems, that the only way to really keep someone interested in your product is to keep people engaged in your product at all times through different means. It’s strange to think that a few years ago these social media outlets did not exist, therefore making it impossible to keep people engaged 24/7.

So, WBZ wants to know what really gets you going. What makes you excited or crazy. So what are you waiting for? Declare your curiosity!


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